Christmas Card 2017

Illustration by @kimmikart

Merry Christmas! I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits--and before anything else, yes I finally cut my hair. After two years I was ready to go short again.

I am still working at Mountain Vista Catering as the Business Manager and we are growing steadily as I am learning more about business and sales. One of the things I have loved about this job thus far has been the ability to feed and host people, including occasionally giving away fresh bread on my social media. 

I was able to do a few trips this year: for my birthday in January I was surprised with a trip down to LA; it was a lovely respite from the Winter; I ate a great deal of Shake Shack and saw Conan O'Brien live. My sister and I also had the chance to head up to Idaho where to watched the Eclipse in August and I can safely say it was the most beautiful thing I have experienced. I’m hoping to head to Chile in 2019 to see what should be a fantastic eclipse again.

In other big news, I finally broke down and purchased my uncle’s 1980 MGB convertible. It hasn’t moved in a couple decades but after many hours of work (with the help of some more knowledgeable friends) the engine runs again. I still have some tweaking to do before it's road worthy, but I’m hoping to have her on the road by Spring. If anyone wants to come over at that point, I can take you for a drive up the canyon… hopefully. 

I hope 2017 was wonderful for you and I hope to hear from you sometime soon. Happy holidays!

Photo by Jon Bryner

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  1. Short hair looks a lot nicer. Megan and Sarah agree.