Christmas Card 2016

watercolor by @thatevanngirl
Season’s Greetings! I came close to skipping my letter this year but I am happy I get the chance to reach out to my family and friends. I hope this letter finds you in the best spirits and conveys my love.

As you may notice my return address is slightly different this year; in March my sister and I joined a couple of our friends and rented a house a bit further South. Its spacious and actually has modern amenities like A/C that we have enjoyed greatly. This also means we were able to reclaim a couple of our old chickens; their eggs have been delightful. We also added a small golden-doodle to our ranks named Buckwheat.

As far as my employment; I’m still working at Mountain Vista Catering and business has been great. We are providing boxed lunches for several local businesses and our event catering has increased quite a bit. We will also be working on a line of packaged food items starting this next year which I am excited to prototype.

It’s not as dramatic as summiting a mountain but this Summer I was able to achieve one of my long standing dreams while living in Provo: I was able to (legally) climb to the top of one of Provo Power Plant's smokestacks. They have long been an icon in our skyline but were fell this Fall in the name of progress.

In other accomplishments I built my first computer which I am writing to you from. I also traveled to Colorado twice, Minnesota, Wyoming, and northern California for Thanksgiving. Seasonally I also bought my first live Christmas tree!

I hope this letter finds you well, please feel free to come visit!
photo by @miriellesanford