Christian: The Third Decade

It's finally happened, I hit 30 years old a couple week ago. I ushered in the new year quietly with no expected fanfare; I even decided to postpone my annual party till the Summer. Instead I opted to just go donate blood with some friends. #humblebrag. Luckily Sarah wouldn't stand for that and instead orchestrated a surprise birthday party for me which was completely unexpected.

I had already planned to donate blood with Sarah and some friends the day off which served as a perfect distraction. There was a small hiccup when it turned out that I was the only one allowed to donate blood because I was the only one who made an appointment--classic Otting. I thought it was strange that they opted to just sit around and wait for me but I assumed it was just so they could go to dinner with me afterwards.
Dinner was lovely though I was disappointed when Sarah was "called into the studio" right after we sat down. Still the meal and company was pleasant though I did find it odd how long we lingered at the table after the meal. My friend Abby dared me to drink a carafe of water which I accepted unfortunately.

We finally left and since Sarah took my car, Jon gave me a ride but first wanted to run by my Mom's house to see if she had room to store this arcade game we got for free. I thought nothing of it until I saw a shape run by in the window in the dark and then recognized the balloons--a party!

I felt very special to have everyone come to celebrate my birthday and very grateful to Sarah and my Mother for orchestrating the whole thing.

Also Mirielle made me a crown and it fit PERFECTLY. This is amazing because my head is very large.

Here I am on a Snow Hippo.