Christmas is over.

I don't really buy into New Year's resolutions, maybe just because I am terrible at them, but I do want to return to this blog as a chronicle of my life if for no other reason then it makes my Christmas card much easier to write.

Anyway, the holiday season has finally come to a close signifying my upcoming birthday and just in case anyone was wondering: no you did not miss my birthday party invitation, it's just going to happen in the Summer this year because why not?

I stayed in Provo for Christmas and New Years this year again and had some family come in from out of town. We did a lot of things but the coolest thing we did was go up a mountain in a Sno-cat and eat a seven course meal in a heated hurt on top of a mountain.

Seth wanted to do something special so he found this place online as one of the top things to go and do in Utah. It was pricy but we all figured it was something special to do so we signed up. The nigth begun with a very cold and windy sleigh ride up the mountain which they thankfully gave up waterproof blankets for
Once we arrived in the yurt we were greeted with a warm berry spiced drink, followed by the rest of the meal. It was really fantastic food even if it was quite simple in composition. The whole meal was two hours long I think with live piano music the entire time--I think the pianist enjoyed the fact out table consistently sang along to his covers.

Following the meal we took the sleigh back down and luckily the wind had died down so we could appreciate the wonderful views.

The rest of the holiday we mostly hung out and played games. Christmas came and went. I had most of the two weeks off of work so it felt almost like a real Christmas vacation.
On the morning of Christmas Eve I went on a hike with some friends.

Sarah joined my family and me up in Salt Lake for a very cold night of Christmas lights.
For New Years, my good friend Mirielle hooked us up with some free tickets to Thanksgiving Point's New Year's Eve Party. It ended up being really geared towards smalled children but we still had fun, some of us even ended up competing in a lip-sync battle.

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We ended up getting second place but only because we didn't have a little kid perform with us.

Happy New Year! I am going to be 30 years-old in 9 days!


  1. I only know about your life through your blog now :( But at least I have that :)

    1. I don't even have that for you! The last thing I will know about your life is your adventures in dating.