It's a holiday season.

Two holidays have past and another one is rapidly coming! I sent my Christmas card to the printers today so I finally decided it's time to update this here blog before my card goes public next week.

First off, Halloween!
This is our second Halloween in the Knight-Allen house and this year I pushed our spookiness a little further with additional green lights. Allison was out of town and I didn't want to be stuck at home all night so I decided not to hand out candy. This was highly disappointing to a couple groups of kids that I knew that were looking forward to soda which I handed out last year.

Thanksgiving I was alone.

Well not totally alone but all my family went elsewhere and invited me but for various reasons I found myself in Provo for Thanksgiving Day. This gave me the opportunity to take up my friends', the Sanfords, yearly offer of joining them for dinner. I offered to make the turkey and it turned out almost perfect... if you like turkey that is.
our thanksgiving group
The next day I decided to do a little Black Friday shopping and purchased my very first suit!
I mean I've owned two other suits but they were either a gift or a thrift-store find so this is my first legit fitted one. It was a coming of age event and I feel the same.

Also I got a new chair.
$25 at a thrift store, yay!
And my Christmas lights are up! I didn't have a giant free tree this year so I decided not to put on on the balcony again.

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  1. I hope you are having a nice Christmas season. I'm glad to know what you are doing through your blog.