Christmas Card 2015

Illustration by Esther Sanford

Photo by Mirielle Sanford
Season’s Greetings! I hope you are all having a wonderful season with your friends and family.

It’s been a busy but fantastic year for me. In the spring I was promoted to be the business manager of our small but growing catering company and while it has been time consuming it has also been fulfilling.

It took a year but my church finally caught on to the fact I was a caterer and released me from my four-year-long calling as executive secretary and put me in charge of feeding the congregation twice a month to encourage socializing, i.e. dating. I’ve been at it for a few months now and it’s been a lot of fun crafting meals to fit the very limited budget given to me.

In September, I finally summited Mt. Timpanogos after saying I wanted to do it for the past several years. It took us nine hours round trip to make the mile climb in elevation but now I can say I’ve done it.

On the local front, for a short time this year we had chickens! After getting permission from our Landlords, my sister and I along with two neighbors purchased six baby chickens and proceeded to raise them into adulthood. Unfortunately we discovered we missed some important rules regarding chickens in Provo and had to give them away but two live with my parents now so they are never too far away.

I hope this post finds you well and that I hear from all of you in some way or another even if just on social media.

Merry Christmas.


It's a holiday season.

Two holidays have past and another one is rapidly coming! I sent my Christmas card to the printers today so I finally decided it's time to update this here blog before my card goes public next week.

First off, Halloween!
This is our second Halloween in the Knight-Allen house and this year I pushed our spookiness a little further with additional green lights. Allison was out of town and I didn't want to be stuck at home all night so I decided not to hand out candy. This was highly disappointing to a couple groups of kids that I knew that were looking forward to soda which I handed out last year.

Thanksgiving I was alone.

Well not totally alone but all my family went elsewhere and invited me but for various reasons I found myself in Provo for Thanksgiving Day. This gave me the opportunity to take up my friends', the Sanfords, yearly offer of joining them for dinner. I offered to make the turkey and it turned out almost perfect... if you like turkey that is.
our thanksgiving group
The next day I decided to do a little Black Friday shopping and purchased my very first suit!
I mean I've owned two other suits but they were either a gift or a thrift-store find so this is my first legit fitted one. It was a coming of age event and I feel the same.

Also I got a new chair.
$25 at a thrift store, yay!
And my Christmas lights are up! I didn't have a giant free tree this year so I decided not to put on on the balcony again.