The Last Two Months

Here are the last two months of my life in pictures.
My birthday party went great! Jon made some of the best pizza ever, thanks should be said to Pizzeria Limone as well since we stole their pizzas. I think around fourty people showed up and we went pretty late eating and talking. I also succeeded in avoiding any birthday singing as there was no dessert
I finally got a desk! Six months after I moved in and I still had cardboard boxes in the corner of my room and a dusting desktop computer. I had very specific style and dimension demands but I finally found the perfect one and only busted around six holes in the staircase walls getting it up. I have a rug in my room now too but I am sick and I don't want to stage my room for a new photo.

One day I was talking to my co-worker Fernando about his hobbies and he mentioned he painted. When I asked him what he painted he told me to bring a picture of me in and he would paint it. Luckily I had a few photos leftover from Christmas so I brought it in and he painted this. He refused any payment. I hope my future children will become estranged over inheriting this painting one day.
For Valentine's Weekend my brother Seth came out to visit--really just to visit my Mother as it is her birthday as well. We hit downtown on Valentine's night and got to watch some weird dates, they were all dressed up and acting formal while eating french fries.
My friends Jon & Tallia went to Hawaii for a week so I had the pleasure of babysitting for them with Abby, Tallia's sister. It was so fun to watch the kids interact with the world and make up games. One day we went up to BYU and they wanted to play hide and seek in an open field, hence the picture above.
They wanted to do something, I dont even remember what, and we told them it was too dangerous. They then launched into this song. Harrison's back up rap is what really makes it.
Ice cream at Provo Beach Resort!
And that's the last two months of my life! I almost went to China which would have made this post a lot more exciting but I didn't.