You're invited, again!

Its my fourth annual birthday celebration! My birthday has been going on for many more years than four but I have been doing these parties for only four years now. It should be a lot of fun so be sure to stop by!
And yes, I realize I forgot the apostrophe.


Happy New Year!

While I always post my Christmas card online I also send a handful of physical letters to people and in them I always say something to send them to my blog with the promise of updates. I understand I have not been doing this for the past couple months but I want to do better.

For starters I had a lovely Christmas and New Years. While last year was an amazing experience to visit Pittsburgh and New York City I treasured the chance to stay home for the first time since Christmas 2003. Each day I went to bed in my own bed and woke up with no pressure to do anything.

Anyway, besides doing nothing which is boring to read about here are some things I did.

As you all know I am working for a catering company now and I did our first event mid-December. My old company, Mocavo, hired me on to cater their company party and we went all out. We served prime rib, herb mashed potatoes, roasted balsamic carrots, and bread pudding.
Playing the part while plating the pudding.
I was immensely ill-prepared and would have drowned if my friend Jon hadn't jumped in to save me. Still with his help I ended up working 22 hours the day of the event with prep, my standard gig, the event, and clean up. It was fun but I'll grab several people to help me next time.
For Christmas my mother made a roast goose! The whole house smelled like a Dickens novel. Besides making smoked potatoes for our small family dinner I found some purple sweet potatoes for our larger gathering. It was unreal how purple they were, it really looked like royal purple play-dough.
We finished the year off with a "Cat Show-Off" as planned by my friends' child and all went to bed promptly at 12:05.

Happy New Year!