Christmas Card 2014

Happy holidays!

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to write to you this year after a near drowning mishap with my friends in Yellowstone. Thankfully I survived and get to send this card to you all.

Photo by Mirielle Sanford
This year I moved into a new house with my sister, Allison. Its a beautiful historic home right in the heart of Provo and we have enjoyed having many small get-togethers with friends inside its walls. We like to brag that we live in a house with its own Wikipedia page which you can read here.

Soon after moving I left my job at Mocavo and joined a small catering company in South Provo called Mountain Vista Catering. Its a small company so while I run their outside sales I also am working in the kitchen and learning a great deal about food preparation, mostly how great it is to have a commercial kitchen.

I am still serving as the executive secretary in my local congregation and it continues to prove satisfying. This is my third Bishop to serve under and I’m hoping to hit four years of service (coming up in June) before they shift my labors elsewhere.

I wish you the very best this Christmas and send this note with my love.


November Condensed


This will be a tiny post but my Christmas card will be coming up soon; hopefully next week. I did however want to share a bit of what happened in the month of November since I neglected my blog the entire time.
I voted in the midterm elections! This isn't very exciting on its own but I wanted to take the weirdest #ivoted photo; thankfully I had a bunch of stickers from my time working for the county Elections department a couple years ago.
I cooked my first turkey! Our Gilmore Girls group has a monthly potluck and we naturally had a Thanksgiving theme this month. (Photo by Mirielle Sanford)
For actual Thanksgiving Allison and I drove over to Colorado and stayed with my brother, Seth. My aunt hosted the dinner which was fantastic except for two things: my dish turned out to be unpalatable, and there were no sweet potatoes; so sad. We hit the thrift stores for black friday and I found the coolest typewriter. Which I now plan on using to type everything from checks, forms, and envelopes.
While we were there we also picked up  my brother's old TV and in-house AC unit (for our living room), and our grandmother's grandfather clock which now sits proudly in our main hall.

OH! AND I BOUGHT MSG! I bought three pounds of MSG which I am so exited to start using in food. I am totally serious about this and am not being ironic, I really bought MSG and I really am excited to figure out how to use it as a seasoning. I'm hoping to start implementing it in recipes at work as soon as possible.