New Jobs

Guys, so I know I haven't posted on this blog in a long time but once a month is still decent. To be fair my computer was broken and the thought of writing a post on my phone sounded miserable but as of yesterday my laptop is back on its feet which means this blog can join it.
Photo by Jon
I wear a hat now.
First off I should tell you that I started a new job. As of the eighth I am now a "chef" at Mountain Vista Catering which is located in South Provo. The gist of the job is that I work with a team of three other people and craft lunches for around 200 people every day. Since its only lunch the hours are great and it involved a bump in pay so I'm still making roughly the same as I did at Mocavo.

Speaking of Mocavo, it goes without saying that I quit. My last two weeks involved training my replacement (less several days when the office was closed) which meant I just hung out with my coworkers. I worked at Mocavo for over a year and a half and I was sad to go but it will be a good change in my life.


I also got released as the ward executive secretary! To be more accurate, the ward I was serving in was dissolved and everyone was released. Even though I had advanced notice of the change it still hurt my heart to hear the official announcement a few Sundays ago. I served and lived in the Provo YSA 226th ward for many years and had many great memories.
Bishop Kaufusi and President Mackay, the two Bishops I served under.
Almost our entire ward was absorbed by a neighboring Stake and we are now part of the Provo City YSA 2nd ward and I was immediately called as the  ward executive secretary.

Press onward, ever onward.