The one where I moved and almost died.

It happened almost a month ago but it’s a big enough deal that it still deserves a blog post. On July 19 I moved out of my dear cousins’ house (after four years) and into the coolest house in Provo, the Knight-Allen House.
Used without permission, sorry Kersti.
My sister  and I will be sharing the upstairs 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment and couldn’t be happier with it unless it had air conditioning. I keep hoping that we will be haunted by Inez Knight, the most famous resident of the home and sometimes when I am home alone I will start talking to her in hopes that she decides to be my friend. She would then make me ghost-pies which taste just as good as normal pie but have zero calories because my body can't digest ectoplasm.

Really though the apartment is great and I’ve been so caught up in getting the place set up that I have neglected most of the rest of my life. I don’t have any pictures of the interior but if you ever want a tour we can do a Google Hangout. Once we finish the furnishings some more we will host a housewarming party for those in the area.

Fear not though, I haven't sold my summer to this house even if it feels like it sometimes. My good friends J&T invited me along on a couple family vacations to Bear Lake and a road trip through Yellowstone and the Tetons.
Paddleboarding on Bear Lake with Harrison. I am so safe.
Playing in "Shelterland" at Yellowstone which was basically a bunch of log lean-tos. This was our primary activity in Yellowstone.
While in Yellowstone we went swimming in Firehole River, a semi-rapid popular swimming area. Jon convinced me to jump into the rapids and float down the river. I had a feeling it was a bad idea but I also have a bad habit of doing things to appear masculine so I plunged in the river. After scrambling to reach the surface I floated for short time before going through a narrow section and being sucked below. By the time I got out my entire body was exhausted and I almost was unable to swim to shore. These kind of near-death experiences are important.

We stayed in Jackson over night so we had to take our picture at the antler arch. Poor Jon is never in any pictures.
Hanging out at Jenny lake in the Tetons.
Drinking coke in Cokeville, WY.
The saddest part of the trip was easily on the way home. As we were leaving Cokeville an eagle swooped down in front of us and we slammed into it at 50 MPH. As I turned around I watched it tumble from the air into the grass surely dead or soon to be. We didn't stop.

It was a good trip.

Here are some other pictures.
We went to Llamafest and Allison made a llama head that could spit even.
Deer selfie while picking raspberries in Mapleton. I ended up making jam which turned out pretty good.
I turned into a dinosaur for a child's birthday party.
Onward and upward.