Lemonade and Firecrackers

I confess I have fell behind on this blog recently with almost two months of inactivity so before I write about my fourth of July weekend here are some of the things I did:
On to Independence Day Extravaganza.

Provo takes Independence Day seriously but not in the extreme patriotism way--rather they take it as an excuse to come together as a community in a multitude of activities. I've written about this in the past but it really is just so great and tradition dictates that I hit up the the children's parade, the block party, biking the parade route, the parade, neighborhood scones, naps, the downtown fair (specifically sharing a turkey leg), the fireworks, and the balloon festival!
Photo courtesy of JB
Dancing at the block party always involves throwing children.
Waiting for the parade at my parents' home.
Its a long weekend and this year we added an additional activity, Allison and I created a music festival.

The idea came when Allison wanted to set up a house show for her friend Levi Weaver from Nashville who is currently touring with his family in an RV. Realizing it would be difficult to convince people to pay to hear a stranger play music we decided to make a whole event out of it and thus the Lemonade Folk Festival was born.

Levi was steller. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the concert as a whole.
I confess I took a more minor roll in the program as Allison booked all the bands but I did some help planning and setting up and made all the lemonade from scratch. The result was magical and enough people donated that we were able to pay all the bands. If you are so inclined you should check out the other acts as well: Jodie Skidmore and Midas Whale. (Elephant's Child unfortunately does not have a website that I know of)

Oh, I also commissioned my first painting and I'm quite happy with the result.