That Car is Mine

If I'm going to keep up my goal of updating this here blog twice a month I better get on it. I'm going to be going on two vacations in the remainder of the month though so hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to tell you all.


I paid off my car!
Looking suave in Northern California (2010)
I actually finished a year early as I hated having debt. I wasn't planning on finalizing it until the end of the year but I was sitting at home one day and on a whim I decided it would be fun to drop most of my savings and just end my monthly car payment. This made my budget app go CRAZY but it was incredibly freeing to be out of debt; I had to talk myself out of quitting my job and just driving across the nation.
Naturally the week after I paid it off I go to the grocery store and right after I park, a kid in the next stall slams his door open and it hits so hard my car shakes. The father insisted that the large dent with white paint on it wasn't from his son but it wasn't worth pushing. I'm just going to call it my vehicle's christening.

In other news:
I got a haircut!
Just chilling with a pizza oven.