The Rest of February

First off, as an update from my last post I did finally receive an apron! Since my original Secret Santa dropped out someone else volunteered to give me an apron to keep it fun. I was very appreciative of the gift but I admin that I gave it away to my cousin a couple hours after opening it; just not my style.
I realized I hadn't posted on this blog in a couple of weeks and had to consult my daily journal to see if I did anything worth mentioning. My journal has been going every day for almost a year now with additions from journal fragments I found among my childhood things and, for your information, on October 25, 1993 "I riedd my Bike arand the bak. And paled vadeo games. I want to Crahe."

I don't have a strong narrative for this post but here are some snapshots:
As single people on Valentine's a few of us crashed a dance party hosted by some family wards.
I got a haircut!
I have a few trips planned in March so hopefully I've have some real stories for you! If not I can just post more of my childhood journal entries and call it good.We'll avoid the high school years though, no one needs daily updates on who my crushes were.


Reddit Apron Exchange

As I mentioned in a previous post I signed up for an internet exchange of aprons, here is my followup.You may recognize the design I sketched out for a previous post. I had to make a few modifications but overall it turned out really nice!
Left: My original design posted to this blog a few weeks ago.
Right: My modified fabric selections. It was the first time I had to go into a store to buy coordinating fabric and the selection was overwhelming.

Left: Front panel assembled with the pocket. I varied the strips from 2-4" for aesthetics upon the suggestions of many and I'm glad I did.
Right: Finished product, after taking this picture I was really tempted to keep the apron and mail a pre-made apron but I figure I can always make another one.

Unfortunately my Secret Santa seems to have forgotten to send me an apron which saddened me until today when I received this picture from Elize, my giftee:
"My secret Santa has send me a apron made by herself! I will cherish the gift and use it on festive days!"
I'm not even mad that she called me a girl; that is the cutest little old lady. Hopefully my apron is still on its way but if not it's neat enough that one of my creations will be loved in a tiny house in Enkhuizen, Netherlands.



As head of the company's customer service I had the privilege to represent us at RootsTech, the big family history conference in Salt Lake City. It made for a long weekend but it was a fun experience pitching our product to hundreds of people and really feel like an integral part of the machine.
Me, Mirielle, Michael, Jason, Alex, Richard
It was a fairly mundane task repeating the same spiel about our product to everyone and by the third day I gave up on sounding fresh and sounded like a real salesperson. I never thought I'd be able to sell anything but I'm sure I made quite a few over the weekend. Honestly though the best part about the whole event was the chance to take the train up to Salt Lake each day, the city has such a different feel when you're there for work. We only had 20 minute lunch breaks so each day I had the same concessions burrito each day that may have had dog meat in it.
On our final day the team was getting obviously a little sick of the conference and over the course of the day we invented a dance and song for our company--imagine a t-rex dancing and singing the tune of Kokomo.

I'm happy its over, but I will miss the train.