It's not quite Halloween yet but I attended my first Halloween party and received high praise for my costume. I couldn't find the associated props for Frodo or Sam so I ended up being Ryan Gosling as a hobbit; this had the perk of allowing me to do my same hair and not shave my beard.
Gosling Hobbit and Tim Burton Clown
I figured no one would guess what I actually was beyond a hobbit but my friend Megan did actually guess the Gosling connection proving that I am just as handsome as People's sexiest man alive. The costume was 100% made of things I already had--as you remember I previously used this costume in 2003. Even the hair was free though I don't know if I'll do it again; there is still adhesive on my feet.
In other news I finally bought my tickets to go to the East Coast for Christmas and New Years. I'll be spending two weeks in Pittsburgh and New York City visiting some friends in what will be my first Christmas away from family.

I also got a small promotion at work. Now when you call Mocavo support/sale you have a small chance of talking to me. It's purely a raise in responsibilities but it does include more hours than I was getting.


Shamless Selfies

Provo city was having another give away but I didn't make it to the news this time. They did ask that everyone dress up in red carpet attire though so Allison, Sarah and I did our best.
I was going for Indie-Director
The grand prize was four tickets and hotel stay to Los Angeles but all we walked away with was two movie tickets that Allison won by knowing how many kids the Mayor had. I feel like I disappointed everyone by not being the one who knew.

Here are some other pictures:
New haircut. It's still growing on me. (HA)

Wandering the woods with Sarah.
My current plans for Halloween is to dress up as a Hobbit. I was one in high school and it turned out decent minus looking like a teenager. I have all the parts still and I should still fit fine in it; my feet will be so cold though. Next year I'll do something cool.
I will regret posting this.