Bike Woes

Last week I was riding my cousin's bike to my calling when I looked down to see that the once faint crack in the frame had grown considerably. I told myself that I should probably check that out once I got home. After I finished with my appointments I headed home and humored the idea of the bike falling apart as I rode it.

Then it fall apart.
The bike collapsed on itself. I skillfully pulled off a sweet roll which kept (in order of importance) my clothes and body unscathed. My friend Courtney was driving by just as it happened and after she flipped around she rolled down her window and we shared the moment of astonishment at what just went down. I folded the bike in half and she drove me home.

My cousin didn't want the corpse so I was going to donate it for parts when my friend asked for them and in exchange he equipped me with a brand new (used) bike. There are a couple things I need to fix but it's a beauty. Her name is Brittany (so the stickers on the bike tell me).
I need a bell.


Bob Ross

The above is my attempt at following a Bob Ross video at a Home Evening activity. Each of us were armed with a set of dollar-store water colors and the goal was to find the "Joy of Painting" through Bob's hypnotic voice. It was quite shocking then when he started speaking Swedish and we realized that the plan wouldn't work. Instead we found clips of his show on YouTube and tried to follow along as best we could. This is the clip I expanded on:

The clip ends after three minutes but I got that there are trees and (if the title is to be believed) a pond somewhere. I'm okay with my results. Sorry to would be art collectors; I've already given the original to my nine-year-old neighbor.


Yard Projects

In the home where I live I do some work on the yard. Recently we have been working on the north-west corner. This is our progress thus-far.
Provo had a historic home tour this past weekend. While it was cool to see the old houses what I really noticed is how my experience working on houses has changed how I look at the bones. Last night I was on a date and as she showed me her house I was going over in my mind how I would update it and show up the great 60s architecture.

The summer heat is kicking in but its still that perfect temperature where its hot enough to feel lazy and tired but not enough to be uncomfortable. This has resulted in many naps on the front porch including one today that lasted about three hours.

I made cookies tonight--ginger molasses. They were for a ward activity so I put brandy in them.

I'm going to bed (and in September I'll be going to Comic-Con)


Escape from Alcatraz

Daily Herald
In order to commemorate the start of direct flights to San Francisco, Provo had a small contest to win a free weekend on Fisherman's Warf called "Escape From Alcatraz." The event was simple--be one of the first fifty people there and you get a key and of all the keys given out one would unlock a "prison door" which held the prize. Furthermore, if you dressed up like a prisoner, fisherman, or trolley car operator you would get an extra key and thus an extra chance. You had to come to the event packed though since if you won you would be boarding the flight just an hour or so later.
Instagram: @ProvoMayor (I'm easy to spot)
Naturally I told my boss that I would be at work late and possibly not at all. My cousin already had a prisoner outfit from Halloween a few years ago so I figured it was worth a shot.

I was nervous about how many people would show up and eventually decided that showing up two hours early would be sufficient to make sure I was in the first fifty. Sure enough it was, in fact we didn't fill to fifty until maybe thirty minutes before the drawing.

I was the most theatrically dressed attendee which had its perks. I was able to chat with Mayor John Curtis, the new Miss Provo, and three different journalists which means once again I got a quote in the Daily Herald.
Christian Otting, of Provo, came to the contest dressed in a full-length black and white striped prisoner's costume, excited about the chance to win the tickets. "Any excuse to dress up in public is valid by me," Otting said. "And I love Provo and participating in Provo events."
Instagram: @HeraldExtra
I even scored a TV interview but it was just for the city channel which means no one will ever see it. If they post it online I'll throw it on here. They kept asking me where my partner was since the grand prize was two tickets but I had to tell them all my friends were lame and weren't able to schedule their weekend around maybe going to San Francisco.

Ultimately the only thing I won was a pen from KSL but it was a lot of fun and its always nice to make the newspaper.


I am a beautiful princess.

Every Friday our neighborhood has a potluck Pizza Night (I even manage it's Facebook page) which is simply neighbors making and eating pizza. Last week a couple teenage girls decided that the only way to satiate their boredom was to give me a makeover, hence the image to the right.

I don't make a fool of myself for free so as part of the agreement I have six-dozen snicker-doodles heading my way in at least two separate deliveries.

I walked over to my friends house later that night and completely forgot I was wearing makeup. I decided to peak into their kitchen window and by sheer coincidence popped my head up right as she was at the sink and I could see her face transform into absolute fear. (Sorry Kerstikins)
This entire last week I have been working for my friend Ann helping to empty an office space for a new business to move in. It was located on the seventh floor of the Zions Bank Building in Downtown Provo and had some amazing views. Unfortunately I never took any pictures so just know that it was a cool place.

More important is the fact that I volunteered to help with the Mayor's campaign for reelection. He announced his canadiacy in the park today to the applaud of live music and free J-Dawgs. I even scored a sweet shirt which I plan on wearing to every city event along with my Provo lapel pin.

Here are some other things I did:
Memorial Day: I put a baby in a tree.
Watched my little-cousin be a bird in Seussical.