The Great Outdoors

I went hiking a few times this weekend.

During Graduation weekend, BYU lights up the "Y" on the mountain. Some friends and I decided it would be fun to go up there while it was lighted since none of us had ever done so. I am mostly telling you this so I can post this picture.
Photo credit: Claire Sanford
That kicked off the rest of the weekend of hiking in Zions with Cousin Drew and Uncle Michael.

On Saturday we hiked up Angels' Landing. I expected this hike to be an adrenaline rush due to fatalities in the past but it turned out to be quite easy.

On Sunday we hiked the Subway. Its an eight hour hike which involves rappelling and swimming. At one point our rope wasn't long enough so we jumped onto an adjacent tree and climbed down the branches. Unfortunately I did not take my phone so I have no photographs but here is some stock photography.
It was one of the most beautiful natural locations I have ever experienced and incredibly exhausting. If I end up getting some of our pictures I'll post a few.

Edit: My uncle's camera died so I'm the only one who has pictures.


Five Minutes of Fame

Here's my quote--its mostly accurate to what I said.

Many of the younger faces in the crowd had the biggest smiles. Provo resident Christian Otting, a BYU graduate student looking for work, said, 'I have been a local defender of the fiber network. This announcement is cementing my belief. This is why I want to keep living in Provo." 

Suprise, I'm a graduate student!

I found two published pictures with myself which isn't too bad. If I were famous, this blog would just be pastes of every article and pictures I was in.

Photo Credit: Salt Lake Tribune
Photo Credit: KSL

Epic Provo

You may have heard that earlier today it was announced that Google would be bringing Google Fiber to Provo. Assuming I get a job that will allow me to live here in the long term this is great news. They are buying up the controversial iProvo network already in place and upgrading it to meet current technology capabilities.

I had nothing better to do so I attended the announcement. It was very cold and windy.
Naturally the mayor drew out the announcement as long as he could much to our annoyance. We love him though--you don't get 93% approval by just looking nice.

The Governor made some remarks including how this was "gooder" then our current network and how excited he is for the "gigaspeed" capabilities.

Kevin Lo from Google then got up and gave a wonderfully eloquent and corporate speech about how this step is equivalent to moving from dial up. He also made the poetic and oft quoted line "broadband will flow like water." 
Who wants a shirt?
We ended up getting interviewed by the Daily Harold. We had acted as a wind break for the reporter on scene and in return she took our statements. I probably geeked out a little in my interview and may have called Mayor Curtis my man-crush so we'll see how I come across when it gets published.


Belated Birthday Gift

Its a known fact that I have a small passion for maps and map related items. In my more pinteresting days I had an entire board dedicated to them. About seven months ago I stumbled on a pin detailing how to make a wooden world map.
Source: thehappierhomemaker.com
I mentioned it to my Mother--mostly to use her crafting experience as a gage for difficulty. I pinned it as a future task for when I had walls of my own to decorate.

My birthday was in January and my Mother mentioned that she was working on an elaborate project for my gift but it wouldnt be done until a few months after my birthday. I was satisfied with a card but I settled on that idea of getting a quilt or other useful item coming from her excelled seamstress skills. It turns out she remembered the map and even improved on the idea.

All the water has been chiseled down slightly giving the land a raised edge for a wonderfully sense of depth and texture and the choice of a triptych presentation adds a stronger visual interest.

A big thank you to both of my parents for such a great gift.

Additionally, thank you to the other family members who assisted in carving it, namely: Mike, Kathlene, Debbie, Kevin, Justin, Tanis, and Rowan. (AND SETH)
Morikami Gardens, December 2000



I happily woke up this morning to a car sized love note.
There is entirely too much candy in my house since Easter. I binged on so much of it on Friday that my tongue feels like it is burned days later. We ended up going to three egg hunts in which I was invited to join in one and now everywhere I turn there is a bucket of candy staring me in the face. Even now I hear the whopper eggs whispering to me to gorge.