I had these pictures of supposed look-alikes hanging around and I figured I would share them here. When I look at them the only similarities I see are blonde, Caucasian, and male but apparently you can never see it yourself.
Neighbor James holding a photo of me at his age.
Elder McKay at my Grandmother's ward. I swear I wear other clothes.


I got a part-time job with a genealogy company called  Mocavo. It's purely data entry and only twenty hours a week but it will pay most of my bills which makes it quite welcome. I would tell you what I do but apparently that is classified--they had me sign an NDA and everything.

July to December
Working twenty-hours a week still leaves me plenty of free time so I went though all my photos from 2012 and archived them in their own special folder. While I was going through them I found a picture of me from the Summer where I had the exact same smile as my Christmas card. I know the lightning is warmer but, dang, I was dark.

I have a feeler out on a full-time job that I'm waiting to hear back on. In the mean time I have started attempt number three at reading the unabridged Les Miserables which I'm sure will take the next few months.



I have officially entered the roaring late twenties. The party on Friday went excellent; by my count I had fifty attendees and we went though about sixty waffles (leaving fourty waffles still in the freezer). I received high praises on my recipe which ended up being called "an old family recipe  despite it coming from the internet. If the waffle market wasn't so saturated in Provo, I could have a livelihood.

I actually have very few pictures of the party since I always space it when I'm in the moment. It was mostly just people talking and towards the end they all focused their talking on me as they started an impromtu Christian memories circle. It was somewhat unhinging to hear a group of people openly praise you but I suppose it was nice.
Birthday banners by June and Esther.
Birthday Shrine
The rest of my birthday weekend consisted of work and church and the only other birthday related activity was when my friend Ann brought me a cake Sunday night.
She didn't try to kill me with that knife, also I just realized I didn't make a wish. 
My friend has invited me down to Mexico next month to do some stuff at an orphanage  I still need to go over the details but I think I might do it. I've had an itch of wanderlust recently and this may just be the trick.

Fun fact: I share my birthday with the National Geographic Society. Kindred spirits.


You're invited!

Design by Allison Otting
On Friday I'm having my birthday party for myself and as a reader of this blog you are cordially invited. It's going to be an open house style party so please come when you can. I'm making one-hundred waffles in preparation for the event so it should be filling. 

It's hard to believe I am now in my late twenties, I realize that isn't old relative to a human lifespan but in my mind its a major transition in roles.

I went a little crazy and printed a hundred of these invites. I've handed out a few but it obvious I'm going to have a lot of extras by next week.

Unrelated--I rode the commuter train tonight for the first time since it's opening last month. I am in love.


New Year

Happy New Year! One of the things I'm excited about with 2013 is the addition on my archive box on the right of my blog. I can now sort of say I've been doing this blog for two years.

I celebrated most of my New Years Eve with my brother and cousins playing games and watching TV. I took a short tangent though and stopped by a Young Single Adult church dance just a few blocks away with my cousin Drew. I walked in and this is what I saw:
It reminded me of every church dance I remembered going to from age fourteen to eighteen and the people there were just as interesting. My two favorite #foreveralone guys was one standing at the side taking notes on a notepad during a slow dance and another one dressed in full TSA officer uniform standing in the corner silently staring at everyone. The dance did fill out later and it was a fun hour or so but I didn't ride out 2012 with them and instead went back to my brother's house where we lit off a couple mortar shells at midnight.

Back in Provo as of yesterday and I am working on getting a routine back in place. The job hunt officially restarts tomorrow with a call to a temp agency. It might be pointless though since NASA is working on a plan that will probably backfire and result the death of us all.