Christmas Skating

The night following Christmas many of the cousins got together for the second annual outdoor skating night. The following are some moments from the event.
Cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings, nieces, and nephew

Hot chocolate by the fire to warm up--it was frigid.

Finale of a Biff Contest: There is a loud crack when I go over the fence, that is my skate slamming on the concrete. It felt like my foot shattered.


The Last Battle of Salus

Twelve-year-old Choir Christian.
I found this short story on my computer while cleaning out my documents folder; I wrote it for an assignment in sixth grade on May 5, 1998. There are a lot of errors but give me a break, I was twelve. I was very proud of it at the time and received high marks. If for no other reason, I post this for posterity.

Hail my friend, I am known as Salus.  Now I am old and retired, but when I was young, I rescued fair maidens, slaughtered dragons, and stood for truth and justice.  My most difficult, dangerous, and sadly last deed was fighting a thought to be extinct dragon.  It begins in my quarters in the King’s castle.

“Salus, Salus!  Come quick, the king summons you on a extremely urgent matter.”  Of course, I quickly sprinted to the chamber where the king meets with the nobles of the land.  In that chamber, I found that a dragon had taken up residence very near to many Villages.  Adding that he had burnt down a few of them already and eaten the cattle, sheep, and other livestock of the rest of them.  I was ordered to go right away but I refused.


Christmas Wrapup

Another Christmas come and gone. I made it to Colorado safe and sound despite the apocalypse and a small pot hole incident. I'm staying with my brother Seth for the holiday which means we've been pretty laid back. Most of my time has been relaxing with family including simple pleasures like watching TV (I've gained a new appreciation for Family Feud) and playing games. Also I went to the Celestial Seasonings factory and drank about a gallon of tea herbal infusions.

Christmas itself was just as fun as ever if not more. On Christmas Eve we went over to my Grandmother's house and had a meal of appetizers and desserts (I made pavlova which made out as a hit) followed by a short Nativity play acted out by some of the children. I'm not going to say it was reverent but it was enjoyable.

On Christmas Day I opened presents with my brothers and my nephews and nieces. Santa brought the kids presents to their house so it didn't take forever. I received exactly what I was hoping for--a fountain pen and auto emergency kit which I tweeted as proof that I am an adult.  Later that day my brother hosted a big Christmas dinner for 35+ family members. It was loud and chaotic but the food and company was excellent.

Not sure when I'll be heading back to Provo yet--looks like I might hang out until January. Outdoor ice skating tonight, more thrift store shopping, and Les Mis are all in the plans, and New Years is always a party. I will return though, I am already missing the "at home" feel of Utah.

Oh, and the cards were a hit. I have prime positions at several people's houses. I kept one for my memory box but I still have a couple extra looking for a home.


Christmas Card 2012

This is my first year writing a Christmas card since—I am twenty-six now—it’s about time I get on with this adult tradition.
It’s been a busy year for me: I left my job at a local call center in June which freed up a lot of time for me to pursue other opportunities. Conveniently this lined up with the start of summer which I made full use of. I explored southern Utah with some friends including both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Towards fall I visited my brother Uriah and his family in Arizona and was privileged to finally see the Grand Canyon in its glory. Other events this year include seeing Radiolab live in Salt Lake City with my sisters, and a Thanksgiving in Colorado.
Photo Credit: Miss Mirielle
Since October, I have been employed with Utah County helping run the General Election and am hoping to continue in a permanent position soon. I’m still serving in my local congregation as an executive secretary which takes up a good part of my week as well. Despite the shortage of leisure time I am enjoying both positions considerably.
For those concerned, yes I am dating many young ladies in attempt to avoid a life of bachelorhood; unfortunately you will have to keep waiting for my engagement announcements. Until then I have been told that renting a room from my cousin Keera for the past two years and dealing with her four children is preparing me well for a future career in fatherhood.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.


I have discovered that Christmas cards are quite a pain to put together. I wrote my first draft today and found it to be a significant struggle to keep it interesting and terse. The photo shoot was yesterday and I think we got a couple solid shots. I have to give a big thanks to my friend Mirielle who put her semi-professional skills at my disposal. She's still working on them so no pictures yet but rest assured--I look fantastic in my thrift store suit.

Co-currently I am starting preparations for my birthday party next month. I'm going to have a waffle bar with Belgian liege waffles and assorted toppings. This is my entrance into the late twenties so I need some sort of party to help myself feel okay about it. Last year my friend Jon ran my party which made it really nice since I stress out when I host. I asked my sister, Allison, to design my invites (and my Christmas card) since she is a graphic design student so I'm sure they will be super trendy.

Last on my priorities is cinnamon almonds as a neighbor/home-teachee gift. I just don't know when I'll make time. Being an adult is hard.

Speaking of time--I might have a lot of it starting in January. My job posting is ending around the end of the year it seems and I haven't quite worked out the next step. I'm hoping to find another position in the county so cross your fingers.

Next post will be either my completed Christmas card or post-Christmas special.