Election day is almost upon us which means lots of work to do. The past three days I got out of the office to run over 1200 tests on 360 machines in the warehouse. In a lot of ways it was nice to get out of a computer desk but I don't think my feet would want to do it every day.

Over 1400 voting machines processed and ready to go.
I can't take all the credit for the work though, we had around ten inmates come in each day to help/do the menial tasks which left all the fun stuff to us. Several times my primary job was to "supervise" the inmates--which meant stand there and watch them do a task that I wasn't even trained on. It was like having slaves--handy but layered with guilt.

Probably the best thing was the high praises I received by the IT and Warehouse supervisors. They both said my co-worker and I were some of the best workers they've had and encouraged me in my quest to become a merit employee (i.e. full time). The warehouse guy even went so far as to offer to set me up with his daughter who he--unsolicited-specified was "thin, my other daughters are heavier but she's pretty thin."