Election day is almost upon us which means lots of work to do. The past three days I got out of the office to run over 1200 tests on 360 machines in the warehouse. In a lot of ways it was nice to get out of a computer desk but I don't think my feet would want to do it every day.

Over 1400 voting machines processed and ready to go.
I can't take all the credit for the work though, we had around ten inmates come in each day to help/do the menial tasks which left all the fun stuff to us. Several times my primary job was to "supervise" the inmates--which meant stand there and watch them do a task that I wasn't even trained on. It was like having slaves--handy but layered with guilt.

Probably the best thing was the high praises I received by the IT and Warehouse supervisors. They both said my co-worker and I were some of the best workers they've had and encouraged me in my quest to become a merit employee (i.e. full time). The warehouse guy even went so far as to offer to set me up with his daughter who he--unsolicited-specified was "thin, my other daughters are heavier but she's pretty thin."


I'm going to do a Christmas card this year, I'm writing this so I'll have something to answer to if I don't follow through. As I stated on my Twitter, this is a selfish act as I just really want a picture of myself on the mantles of various friends and family members.

Life is going good, the job is going good as well. There are times where I feel like the data entry is killing me but I make a games out of watching the documents be filed away and it becomes actually quite fun--to the point where I forget to take my breaks and work overtime every day. With a little bit of luck I'm hoping this will lead to something more permanent or at least serve as a connection to another job that I can enjoy as much.

Playing "Charlie's Angels" in the yard on Saturday.
This past weekend we pulled up the last of the garden. While it's sad to see all the greenery go, the fresh chocolate dirt has its own beauty and I'm already excited to plan next year's crops after all I've learned this season. We're not sure out artichokes will make it through the winter but we've moved them next to the house hoping the radiant heat will help. I also finalized the front yard by planting three dozen tulips, which in addition to the other perennials will means year-round (minus winter) flowers. In a lot of ways I am grateful to be learning all this on a house that is not mine.


A week into my new job and its going all right. Most of my day is spent processing and typing up voter registration forms which, while mundane, keeps me busy. Probably the two best parts of my first week was processing my friend Kersti's registration and seeing Donny Osmond come in to request an overseas ballot.
Blurry picture of my desk. The view is nice.
My favorite thing about this job though is that it is two blocks away from my house. Coupled with an hour lunch means every day I get to walk home and eat and relax in an environment that is actually relaxing. It's pretty hard to beat that kind of commute.

Oh I also was in a movie this past week with a speaking role and everything. Well okay, I was only an extra but due to accidental scene placement I felt like I was in the background of almost every scene beside the one where I'm actually talking to one of the actors. I actually don't know anything else about it but maybe it will be posted on Vimeo and I'll link it here.

I forgot how busy having a job makes you. All my social networks are suffering.


Since my new job hasn't started I took a long weekend to Colorado to see my family. It was the first time in four years that all the siblings were together. Most of the weekend was dominated by General Conference so we didn't do much besides hang out but it was wonderful to see everyone together again and be reminded what family dynamic means.

Photo credit: Seth. Alternate by Allison.
Since I was in Colorado for five days, I was able to attend my Aunt Gail's weekly Cousin Night. The premise is basically FHE with cousins and their kids but with a dinner but a bit more rowdiness. I taught the lesson this week and discussed about how to keep bad thoughts out of our mind. When I asked for suggestions I got a great response from Tanis, my oldest nephew. Tanis suggested (excuse my paraphrasing) that we use essential oils--especially lavender oil on the pillow before one goes to sleep--to help calm us and put us in the right state of mind. I scoffed in my head but it's actually not a bad idea.


I may have accidentally conned my way into a job with the county today.

There was a posting online for an Elections Clerk, which unlike normal, told me to contact a Scott H. for more information. Normally these postings just tell me to drop off an application at the County personnel department but I wasn't going to argue. Since the county office is just two blocks away (love living in Downtown) I decided to walk over instead of call.

When I arrived at the Elections department I asked for Scott H. in reference to the posted job. Luckily he wasn't there because I'm pretty sure they misunderstood since they immediately took me over to the personnel department to fill out the new employee paperwork.

It's a temporary position and I'm not sure when I'll start but it seems like I have a job.

Sometimes I have entirely too much fun with Draw Something.